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Akamai’s DLM Project

In 2001 Akamai, the world leader in distributed business systems and Internet business platforms, commissioned Log-On to devise an application for reliable and efficient downloads over the Internet. More specifically, Akamai wanted to enrich its customers download experience (especially for large files) by providing a control application for downloading files from its servers. The requirements were that the application had to have the following features:

  • Download reliability – network errors should be automatically recovered from
  • Efficient download – the DLM should speed up the download of large files by providing multiple connections to the remote file
  • Monitoring and control of the downloading process.
  • A built in “resume” feature in case of errors or connection failures while downloading.
  • User friendly and intuitive interface.
  • Customization mechanism – each of Akamai customers should be able to customize the download behavior and UI according to its needs


Log-On devised an innovative system with a powerful monitoring system, and an easy to use interface. The system was developed for both a Windows platform (using ActiveX), and for Unix, Mac, and other platforms using a Java applet.

The DLM is currently in version 2, and is running in production mode for various customers such as Borland, Mercury, Corel and others.

Downloading is possible in 2 modes:

For multiple downloads, the files appear as a list.

For a single download, a window is displayed providing information about the transfer rate and connections. This window resembles the common Internet Explorer look and feel, therefore is familiar with the end users.

Features and Advantages

Major advantages of Log-On’s Download Manager include:

  • No installation is required (auto-install mechanism)
  • Provides reliable download of large files, even when network errors occur
  • Capable of parallel downloading, thus enabling fast downloading of large numbers of files.
  • User-friendly, intuitive interface.
  • Several UI modes, including an HTML embedded widget (Applet/ActiveX)
  • Supports Akamai’s powerful statistics and logging capabilities
  • Automatic upgrades mechanism (without a user intervention)