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Log-On has developed and implemented a full HR intranet system for a leading provider of software and systems of wireless and wireline networks. The system handles all Human Resources issues, and serves the company management, as well as the employees themselves.

The HR system includes several main modules:

  • Available jobs and career offers
  • Company Events
  • Employee procedures
  • FAQ
  • Bill Board
  • Internal Employee E-market
  • Employee email notifications
  • HR Documents search

The system provides two rich environments:

End user application:

Any employee can retrieve important information such as: company policy and procedures, workers benefits, company events, company notices, courses, etc.

Employees can apply for job openings, and other human resources requests.

Administrator application:

Provides a friendly web based user interface for HR administrators to be able to add, change, edit and manage the items in the system.


The HR system is built in the Microsoft .NET technology. ASP.NET was used to create a rich web interface, and VB.NET was used for the Business Logic components. Although the information is stored in an SQL Server Database, the application supports any standard database as well.

The HR system is fully integrated with the Oracle ERP system, retrieving employee information directly from the Oracle system. The system integrates with the LiveLink Enterprise Content Management system, making it easy to search and locate documents.