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Medicall intelligence


A leader in the development of real-time, knowledge based software systems for running and managing Obstetric wards in hospitals turned to Log-On 18 months ago for assistance in replacing it’s current IDE. The company develped a program that is modified to suit each customer and supports different methods and procedures of OB wards around the world.

Log-On has developed a full development environment, including a Rapid Visual IDE for building the company’s systems that fit the customer’s needs.

The IDE (Integrated Development Environment) includes:

  • Drag and Drop of components (atoms) of different hospital aspects.
  • Defining a hierarchy tree of components representing hospital “objects”.
  • Defining relationships between the components.
  • Generating and compiling .NET classes on the fly at run time.


The IDE allows doctors to quickly build and create software implementations that fit any kind of hospital. Using the Log-On IDE, physicians can define the structure of the OB room, defining different components and hierarchy and then simply generate the final product for delivery.

The IDE includes an interactive source control system, including locking and releasing objects, and synchronizing objects between the developers. The IDE’s rich Interface includes browsing objects with tree views, and special Grid controls making it easy to build  applications, even for doctors who are not technical experts.


The Log-On IDE is built using Microsoft’s .NET platform, exchanging the older MFC version written by the company. Log-On has cooperated with the company and included programmers employed by the company in the Log-On staff for better integration.

The code is written in C#, an SQL Server database to store information. The Client-Server architecture was implemented with .Net remote objects, to get higher performance then alternatives such as Web Services.

The IDE includes client caching as well as server caching that, together with the remote .Net, creates the highest performance possible.