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Ozvision – Video Streaming


Ozvision is a leading developer of systems for transferring Video over IP networks. With a unique data compression algorithm, OzVision’s technology is used in the security, cellular telecommunications and data communications industries. The technology enables the transmission and control of quality streaming video images over broadband, satellite, as well as low-bandwidth environments, including standard phone lines and cellular networks.

One of the problems that Ozvision had to overcome was finding  a server that could work under heavy loads and manage video arriving from different points simultaneously.

The Solution

Log-On developed a hi-performance, powerful server for managing, transferring, recording, and streaming video over the network from the Ozvision systems.


The server was developed in C++ and runs on the Linux OS for best performance.

The Log-On server includes full support for the following protocols:

  • TCP – For regular streaming
  • UDP – For better performance, and less network traffic
  • HTTP – For working through Firewalls and WAN systems


The server is divided into three separate machines: one for management, one for streaming, and one for video recording. Each server supports load balancing and can be divided into an endless number of servers.

Use case:

The Ozvision product together with the Log-On server, is used for video cameras in security systems. The robustness of the Log-On server allows clients to view their camera, and record, manage, and control multiple video cameras in real time.