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PowerPaper RFID Server


PowerPaper is a company that has developed a revolutionary patent: thin batteries on a piece of paper. This unique technology is used for different industries, one of them RFID – Radio Frequency Identification. The RFID chips are used for preventing products from being stolen from a store. Each product has a small chip, and when passing through the entrance, the chip signals the RFID reader and generates a warning. These systems are commonly found in stores such as clothing, pharmacy, etc.

Taking advantage of the PowerPaper battery technology, PowerPaper has also developed active RFID chips that can broadcast to longer distances. But managing all of the many transactions coming from the RFID Reader can be a formidable task – the system must handle everything from reporting missing items to recording acquisitions, returns, etc. for each specific item.

Log-On’s solution was the development of a server that includes the following:

  • Managing Supply chain management.
  • Web Service for reporting to the ERP/SCM system.
  • Reporting missing items, shortage in products, etc.
  • Recording any transaction regarding the products: new products on the shelf, acquisitions, returns, etc.
  • Unlike other RFID systems, the Log-On system can identify any specific item on the shelf. This allows reporting on date validity, how long the item has been on the shelf, and the entire product lifecycle.


The RFID Reader server was developed as a stand alone Windows Service, based on Microsoft.Net Technology written in C#. The Server is capable of handling tens of thousands of transactions per second, using multi thread system with powerful optimization algorithms. Any action in the store is recorded to an SQL Server database for further analysis.

The RFID Server supports any kind of RFID reader in a various number of protocols: RS232, TCP/IP, and others. The RFID Server provides reports and different analysis and statistic information on the stores transactions.

Finally, the RFID server has a Web Service that can be used in external applications such as ERP, SCM (Supply chain Management) and other Enterprise Applications that need the RFID information.