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Students grade system


Log-On has designed and developed a system for managing student grades, including: tasks, homework, tests, etc for one of the leading technical institutions in Israel - one that is considered to be one of the best in the world.

The grade system includes:

Teacher environment:

  • Grade formulas – allows teachers to define a formula for calculation the grade in a specific course.
  • Tests
  • Homework
  • Assignments
  • Middle and final grades
  • Reporting to the Mainframe

Student Interface:

The student interface allows students to view their grades on-line through the grade system’s Web Interface. The students get a full report, displaying any additional information the teacher defined as public.


The system was built on the Microsoft .Net technology, using ASP.Net to create an interactive web interface. The system stores information in an SQL Server database and can be used with other databases as well.

The Grade system includes a two way interface to the Technion Mainframe. It retrieves information on students including the student list, personal details, etc. It updates the final grades to the mainframe for further storage.


Naturally, being one of the leading technical institutions in the world, the university attracts the best minds and personnel in the technology field. This creates a high potential of hacker attempts to break into the system and change grades.

Log-On created a powerful security system, making it almost impossible to hack into the system. As one of the directors mentioned: “This system is more secured then the financial system…”

Log-On security uses the SSL protocol, in addition to a strong 128 Bit encryption, as well as IP identification, Domain identification and other classified methods of security.