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Joseph Segev

Co-Founder and Director

As the head programmer and telecommunications officer for Israel’s Navy, Joseph Segev had to solve plenty of difficult problems involving cutting edge technology. Then, in 1983, after graduating in computers from Bar Ilan University, he co-founded Log-On, determined to make the company into one of Israel’s most prestigious software houses. Segev’s dream was to build a team of all-stars – programmers and consultants who are the cream of the crop and who can solve problems that other software companies can’t. Over 20 years later, Segev has succeeded in building a software company that is distinguished by hi-tech clients such as Amdocs, Comverse, Mercury, Akamai, and IBM – clients who turn to Log-On because they know that they have the expertise to handle difficult projects that need a great deal of specialized knowledge.

Gil Migdan

Co-Founder and Director

After serving as a Major in Israel’s Defense Forces, Mr. Migdan studied at Bar Ilan University, graduating in Computer and Statistics. Together with Joseph Segev he founded Log-On, today one of Israel’s leading software houses.

Danny Zeitouny

VP Development

As head of logistics programming in the Israel Defense Forces, Danny Zeitouny learned to deal with critical problems with speed, innovation, and heavy sense of responsibility. Upon joining Log-on he brought those same characteristics to responsibilities ranging from servicing major clients like IBM and the Israeli AirCraft Industries, to heading up Log-on’s hi-tech products development division. In this latter capacity Danny has been in charge of project management and personnel, as well as the actual marketing and sales. Today, besides heading the hi-tech products division, Danny is also in charge of Log-on’s delivery.

Danny holds a B.Sc. in Computer Science and Economics from Bar Ilan University.

Shai Geva
VP Sales

Shais’s first role at Log-On was managing the software applications department. After filling variuos sales & marketing roles, Shai re-joined Log-On on april 2005 as VP of Sales.

Avi Leon


As Log-on’s Chief Economic Officer for over 10 years, Avi’s experience includes economics, accounting, finance, management, and marketing. For many years, Avi ran the accounting and finance departments of Cabiran Ltd as well as functioning as its marketing manager.

Avi holds a degree in economics and management.

Miki Freudenberger

VP, Enterprise Programming Services

Miki Freudenberger heads Log-on’s Enterprise Software Services division. For many years a manager of HP’s programming department, Miki brought to Log-on his expertise in the management of software teams, as well as a deep understanding of operating systems and their implementation in large organizations. For many years Miki served as a consultant to major companies in the area of operating systems. Today Miki is in charge of over 100 software developers, system analysts, and project managers that serve the IT divisions of leading enterprises: banks, insurance companies, service organizations, security forces, and government organizations.

Miki holds a degree in mathematics and an MBA from the University of Tel Aviv.