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Log-On’s outsourcing services enable companies to take advantage of the unique expertise and vast experience of Log-On’s programming experts. With over 200 highly trained professionals, Log-on offers outsourcing in the following areas:

  • Enterprise software
  • Hi-tech product development

Log-On’s outsourcing offers the following:

Flexibile work arrangements: Personnel can work on or off site depending on the needs of the customer and can be outsourced anywhere from three days to a year or more.

Outsourcing tailored to the needs of your company: Personnel can be integrated into your programming teams to work within your organization, or you can rely on Log-on to come up with a complete team of its own.

The right person for the job: Log-on has vast expertise at matching the best person for the job at hand. We make sure that your company receives the experts that it needs.

Quick Response Time: Log-on is noted for getting you the people you need on time, when you need them.


Outsourcing for Applications Projects

Companies that need a management solution for their enterprise can turn to Log-on for expert consultants and programmers who will design, develop and deploy systems that are highly reliable, easy to use, and that take into account all of the client’s needs. Through a careful step by step procedure of analyzing clients’ requirements, designing the appropriate software modules and components, and deploying the software in the organization, Log-On makes sure that customers receive systems that are both high quality and affordable.


Hi-tech Product Development

Developing award-winning products is our specialty. With a track record of over 20 years of highly successful products and spin-offs, Log-On’s Brain division offers hi-tech companies the ability to make use of its highly qualified experts for developing customized products and product modules. Log-On’s experts can be outsourced to your programming team – or, you can take advantage of Log-On’s unique technical expertise in networking, database technology, cellular products, and security systems to outsource your entire project. Log-On will take care of all aspects of product development, from initial design to the final tested product.


Unlike many software companies, Log-On’s staff is highly stable – you can be assured of a long term relationship with technical staff so that your product can be maintained and developed through the entire product life cycle.