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The areas of IT Management and technology – That’s because Log-on’s staff draws on its vast experience in the field of product development and enterprise programming. This includes in-depth knowledge of a wide range of technologies including leading development tools, databases, internet technology, networking, and data communications.

Because of their unusually high level of expertise and experience, our experts can quickly design and implement solutions for your company that are highly innovative and cost-effective.

Log-On Development Center

We provide both on-site and remote consulting, support and development services. For remote work, the company’s development labs provide leading-edge security and collaboration systems that safeguard our customers’ code and ensure the integrity of the development process. Highlights of our resources include:

  • Multi-platform facilities
  • Multi-level secure networks
  • Best practice project management methodologies
  • Proven development tools
  • Experienced managers

Projects and Initiatives

The project division of Log-On executes projects in a wide variety of fields: E-commerce, customer relationships, security, communication, telephonic system and laptops (cellular phones, hand phones, tablets and more), central systems and open systems.

Our project division operates in order to assist customers in establishing projects from their initial stages (Scratch), while executing all the project stages (characterization, planning, encoding, examinations, distribution and maintenance) up until the division of the products among the final customers. The projects are executed at the advanced development center of Log-On in Ramat Gan, with the help of the existing products in the company or via products obtained from other companies, while in each one of the cases that are executing and managing these are designated for Log-On workers, which are among the best technological people in Israel.


Over 30 years of activity alongside some of the leading organizations and companies in the local Hi-tech market and international market, have transformed their Log-On consultants into advanced technological information centers with lots of experience in the central activity of the company.  We propose to our clients a wide range of software solutions and methods that prevail among the technological world today, and for this purpose we place before them a quality human resource, which specializes in a range of advanced technologies and advanced developing environments.