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Log-on is a leading outsourcer of programming experts, software projects and software applications development. With over 700 specialists in software, data communications and security, Log-on is able to provide innovative, high-end solutions to today’s most difficult programming challenges. Our expertise in product development, as well as our vast experience in software solutions, has enabled us to service prestigious hi-tech clients, as well as more traditional enterprises such as banks, government, and the military. Log-on’s more than 30 years of experience includes advanced products and solutions for Mainframes, Security Systems, E-business, Conversion and Migration, Networking, and Cellular.
Log-On is an expert in memory management methodologies and performance improvement tools since 1983 and continues creating competitive edge solutions for its worldwide customers today. Lately we unveiled our latest breakthrough solution – QuickSelect for DB2 – a performance improvement solution for DB2, enabling substantial saving when it counts most, without any application changes required.

Rounding up this vast basket of offerings is a list of fine tools from other leading software vendors from all around the world.


This entails many years of joint work and haulage of the company’s activity via the longstanding and experienced management. This also allows the maintenance of long and ongoing relationships, which also leverage the business relationships of Log-On, with its clients in all of the various sectors. The cumulative experience of Log-On Management in the development of products, executing projects and consultation enables it to assess professional and fair solutions to its clients, to deal with the market challenges, and with the dizzying pace of the developing technology.
  • Joseph Segev
    Joseph Segev
    Co-Founder and Director

  • Gil Migdan
    Gil Migdan
    Co-Founder and Director

  • Shai Geva
    Shai Geva
    Co-Managing Director, consultants & projects

  • Avi Leon
    Avi Leon

  • Miki Freudenberger
    Miki Freudenberger
    VP, Enterprise Programming Services

  • Tomer Wikinski
    Tomer Wikinski
    Co-Managing Director, consultants & projects

  • Danny Zeitouny
    Managing Director & VP Products

  • werner
    Werner Zulli
    Product Sales & Support