Technology Leaders


Log-On Software, an international software-consulting group, brings together the outsourcing capabilities, leading technology expertise and core software tools that our customers are looking for in order to meet its product Dev requirements. We invest in our customers’ future by satisfying rigorous performance requirements. The Log-On team’s strength draws on a mastery of leading edge technologies, combined with extensive experience in managing the software development process and implementing superior solutions.

Software Maintenance

We provide ongoing high level maintenance for software products, whether from other vendors, or for those developed by Log-On itself. Log-On’s extensive experience in developing hi-tech products allows it to successfully apply this expertise to the area of software maintenance as well.

One of the advantages of working with us is the company’s ability to provide continuous long-term commitment to its clients. Our clients can be sure that their software products are well maintained by the same experts over the entire life-time of the product. In addition, Log-On’s expertise includes integrating software products into the wider infrastructure, upgrading and customizing products to meet changing conditions, and advanced testing of software products to ensure efficiency of operation.

Application Development

Log-on has many years of experience in developing applications for a wide range of systems and environments. We are particularly expert at handling complete projects that take you through all stages of the product cycle.

We use the latest technologies provided by leading software vendors like Microsoft, Sun, IBM as well as open-source platforms to meet the client’s needs. We have years of experience producing Database systems, Desktop applications, Client-Server programs and Web applications.

System Support

As systems grow in size and complexity, the need for expert system support becomes critical. Log-On’s high level of expertise makes it the ideal choice for providing support for systems ranging from specialized telecommunication systems, to entire infrastructures that include mainframes and terminals throughout large organizations. We can provide timely, cost-effective support. That means that companies benefit from quicker and more accurate decisions when it comes to trouble-shooting system problems. It also means that our experts can address a wider range of issues than other software support teams, making sure that your software is running smoothly and with optimum performance.


Log-On’s outsourcing services enable companies to take advantage of the unique expertise and vast experience of our programming experts. With over 700 highly trained professionals, Log-on offers outsourcing in the following areas:

  • Enterprise software
  • Hi-tech product development


Software Quality Assurance and Software Testing are essential to make sure that your software runs smoothly and under the widest possible conditions. Log-On’s Q.A./ Q.C. division consists of seasoned Quality Assurance and Testing experts who can leverage Log-On’s high level programming expertise to give your company’s software much more thorough testing than other Q.A. providers can.

The combination of our expertise in Open Source testing tools (Defect Tracking, Unit Load Functionality tools, etc’), our abilities in white box testing and our exclusively representation of QA tools (Test coverage, Test Data Generator and Code Review) is our main differentiation from the competitors. The use of open-source tools enables Log-On to be very competitive in project pricing.

We can provide full range of services for all-inclusive Software Testing and Quality Assurance using state of the art QA methodologies and tools.  Our customized solutions will supplement the existing QA department or take on an entire project. We are flexible and work within any development environment, on any project schedule.